We have 12 years experience in consulting

''Our solid conviction is that if a business is to be upgraded, it's to be streamlined in a full cycle way!''

N. M. Pathan & Co. is an Accounting, Auditing, Tax and Consulting firm. Formed in the year 2008, has built a strong client base in Manufacturing, Service, Real Estate , Medical Sector, Automobile, Mining and Banking Sectors.

N. M. Pathan & Co. is one of the leading professional services firm in Kolhapur and adjacent states including north Karnataka, which provides a wide range of professional services in the areas of Assurance viz., Statutory Audit, Internal Audits, Tax Audit, Bank Audit, Administration, Management, Financial Planning, Tax Planning and Insolvency Professional Services to large, medium and small scale organizations including Listed entities in varied sectors.

We have built a strong client base of over 50 companies in Public, Private, and Co-operative over last decade. We have also individual and partnership firm client base of above 50 entities.

We continuously endeavor to identify and develop new areas for rendering services to assist organizations to succeed in today’s challenging environment.

We follow an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving, by bringing together the traditional accounting, audit and tax services with a range of consulting disciplines.

We endeavor to offer ‘Total Solution’ to our clients in managing not only the financial matters but even the Operational / systems and strategy aspects of their businesses as well.

No matter where you want your business to go ...

N. M. Pathan & Co. can help you get there.

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